Subject: Re: Development machine wanted by Id Software
To: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/1994 08:01:00
> Dave Taylor of Id Software is porting DOOM to Linux, and says that the port is
> (surprisingly, to me at least) fairly straightforward and that performance is 
> good.  

Almost tempted to move away from NetBSD to Linux... not really tho' <smirk>

> I can't spare my machine, since it's the only one I've got, but I figured it
> was worth a try to throw it out on the mailing list to see if there are any
> avid DOOM fans who would like to see a NetBSD version and have a "spare"
> machine lying around.

No promblem - I have hardware, but there is a small problem... I am over
the pond. Now there are huge advantages to having a line to the internet,
but I still can't manage to squeeze any hardware down it :-(

> Here's what he's looking for:
> 	486DX2/66 machine with 24+ MB RAM
> 	NetBSD-current and XFree86 2.0 pre-installed and ready to go
> 	local bus video card

Hey ! That's almost the same spec as my main box (this one) ! No way !
He could have a 486/33 etc - (Hi Dave !)...

> Anyone wanna loan Dave a machine for about a month?  Contact him at

cc'ed: Dave, in case you want a holiday in London... There's machines
and 'net access here :-)

Anyway, someone please try to find the hardware... I want DOOM on my
system. Please.
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