Subject: Development machine wanted by Id Software
To: None <>
From: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/1994 21:20:54
And now for something completely different....

Dave Taylor of Id Software is porting DOOM to Linux, and says that the port is
(surprisingly, to me at least) fairly straightforward and that performance is 

Dave promised that if I could lend him my NetBSD box for about a month, he
would work on a NetBSD port.  He is interested in NetBSD, but just doesn't
have the hardware available to explore it any further at this point.  He's
using his own machine for the port, since Id isn't sure what type of market
to expect, so they're not giving him any extra resources at this point.

I can't spare my machine, since it's the only one I've got, but I figured it
was worth a try to throw it out on the mailing list to see if there are any
avid DOOM fans who would like to see a NetBSD version and have a "spare"
machine lying around.

Here's what he's looking for:

	486DX2/66 machine with 24+ MB RAM
	NetBSD-current and XFree86 2.0 pre-installed and ready to go
	local bus video card

No mention of sound cards or monitors or disk space; I assume these are
available to him.

He estimates that it will take about a month after the Linux port is finished,
and he will, of course, return the machine once the NetBSD port is finished.
Also, the donating party will surely get a plug in the credits ;)

Anyone wanna loan Dave a machine for about a month?  Contact him at

Disclaimer:  I would hope I wouldn't have to say this, but just in case:
I'm not getting any kickbacks or compensation from Id for this, whether they
get a machine or not, nor do I have any affiliation with them other than
the fact that I play DOOM occasionally.  I just volunteered to be the
messenger to let people on the mailing list know that Id will port DOOM if it 
can get some hardware on loan.