Subject: Re: Fatal page fault in supervisor mode.
To: Mike Halderman <>
From: None <bachesta@genesis.Data-IO.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/1994 16:00:14
>I have a 'feeling' it is related to wd.c.  Are you running IDE or SCSI?
>I was kind of waiting for someone else to fix it. :>

Sorry for not giving more detail. The system is an IDE based system.
In addition I assumed that the system was a 386 system, since the
guy who owns it told me it was. Anyway it is a 486 machine. In addition
I removed 16 Megs of ram and I still get the failure. At least now
the screen dosen't clear. Here is a more detailed failure.

vmfault (f81908b4,0,1,0) -> 5

fatal page fault in supervisor mode

trap type 6 code 0 elp f8106c30 cs 10008 etraps 10282 cs 2 3c clp ffffffff

panic: trap

Again if anyone has an idea let me know.


Jim B.