Subject: Gateway working + some other things
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/09/1994 15:08:15
Our 486 acting as a gateway is working fine now. Thanks to everyone
who responded. The trouble turned out to be the main router on
our network; it had a huge default 'distance' parameter to non-standard
gateways, so it did not use the RIP packets from the 486.

A few observations:

- routed is able to either send or receive RIP packets; it does not
  seem to want to do both at a time (i.e. -s and -q appear to
  be mutually exclusive)
- gated works fine (is being used now)

Some other things now. I wanted to install -current on the 486
right away, so I made a distribution myself. That wasn't much
of a problem, but I had some other troubles. Using the
default 0.9 bootdisk, the installation process hangs in
'disklabel' if you specify that bad144 mapping is needed.
'disklabel' also complains about 'Device not configured'
when labeling a floppy, but it works nevertheless.

Yet Another Remark: /usr/bin/mail dumps core (linked dynamically,
using libraries linked with the new linker; I recompiled the whole
system to make it use the new linker). It works when compiled

Final point: in /sys/arch/i386/netboot there is some code
to boot a kernel from the net. From the README, I conclude
that kernel patches are needed for this? If they are,
does anyone have these patches for -current? I might need
to boot 1 or 2 diskless 386s off the 486 server. We also
tried booting a (hard-)diskless 386 from a floppy, and then
union mouting / from the server. This works, though the root
dir looks a bit weird with the double entries. Btw: union
mounting something on root seems to mess up 'pwd'. Haven't
checked if this is the case with other union mounts to,
but 'pwd' (or, the get[c]wd() calls in general, probably)
get thoroughly confused.

- Frank