Subject: Re: SCSI problems, the sequel, part 2
To: None <>
From: Tim Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/1994 14:21:01
> I verified both bt747s and the only difference I found: 
> they have different firmware and bios revisions
> firmware 3.31, bios 4.50: everything works for me since Oct. '93
> firmware 3.37, bios 4.70: NetBSD-current doesn't work for me
> Using the old firmware and bios EPROMS together with the new bt747s
> fixed the problem for me.

This is very similar to the case with the 545 card.  I'll look at
the exact revisions tonight and post them.  Basically, the older
firmware/bios works and the newest one doesn't.

It seems that BusLogic has done something similar to both the
74x and the 54x lines with their newer firmware.  It'd be nice
to find out what happened.  In my experience, the cards still
work just fine under MS-DOS (of course) with the newer firmware.

						- Tim Chase