Subject: Re: The never ending upgrade story !
To: None <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/1994 12:52:24
>>>>> "mycroft" == mycroft  <> writes:

    mycroft> Given that he's already installed a new /usr/include
    mycroft> (which is why isupper() is core dumping; it's out of sync
    mycroft> with libc), the first thing he needs to do now is build a
    mycroft> static libc so he can get make working again.  Then
    mycroft> proceed to build the rest of the tools (gas, rpcgen, ld,
    mycroft> and possibly gcc if his installation is old enough) that

By old enough, you mean 0.9, I assume? Did 0.9 not include gcc-2.4.5?
What has changed in gcc from 0.9? From the FSF distribution? I wish I
had access to the CVS tree. Is that possible at all? I sure thing it
would be helpful for many people. Would also stop me from asking too
many stupid questions :-).

    mycroft> have changed.

    mycroft> After that he should be in good shape.


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