Subject: various upgrade comments (jan5 ->feb6)
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/08/1994 11:07:49
A few comments on upgrading from the tar files just before january 5,
and sources supped on february 6:

- I hacked share/mk/'s CFLAGS to -O2 -pipe -m486. I feel the
  Need for Speed. This caused some minor problems - more info below.

- installing share/mk, include, lib/libc, gnu/lib/libmalloc,
  gcc, gas, ld, ar, ranlib, join, tsort, lorder, nm, strip, sed, make
  install static is a Good Thing to do in any upgrade, so I did.

- unset LDSTATIC, NOPIC, and remade the libraries. some points here:
    - lib/libm/common_source/pow.c doesn't compile with -O2. Maybe it's
      a gcc thing, maybe not. Setting cflags to -O for this file fixes
    - how do I get libm to use the ASM stuff in libm/i387? or isn't it
      recommended. (I have a 486)
    - librpcsrv needed the following csh to get it to compile:
	    cd librpcsrv/src ; foreach i (*.x)
	    make -f ../Makefile $i:r.h
      I dunno why the dependancies didn't pick this up.

- remade gnu/lib, lib, include, bin, libexec, sbin, usr.sbin, usr.bin
  this is as far as I got.

- /sys/arch/i386/boot doesn't like being compiled with -m486. -O2
  -pipe is fine, but when I added -m486 they went BFC. (Bug
  Crazy :) Again, some creative hacking got me back here.

- a learning experience: I removed /usr/lib/ after .so.4.0
  got installed, then realised what I'd done. fortunately, having the
  important stuff static let me compile again! had fun chasing around
  the tree recompiling stuff till I was done.

- I've still got gnu, share, games, and sys to remake, as well as a
  new kernel. I'll keep the list upto date on how this stuff compiles
  with -O2 -pipe -m486.

- is it normal for even the latest tsort to complain about cycles
  in data, etc, for libc?

Well, that's about it. Some informative bits, some questions. Hope
it's useful.

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  must understand that. It's action while hiding that's    <>
  the hard part''
        -- Coyote, in Kim Stanley Robinson's `Green Mars'