Subject: Re: various upgrade comments (jan5 ->feb6)
To: None <>
From: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1994 19:59:49
> - I hacked share/mk/'s CFLAGS to -O2 -pipe -m486. I feel the
>   Need for Speed. This caused some minor problems - more info below.

Hmm, I've been compiling with -O -m486 since the beginning of time, and I've
never had problems that I could attribute to the -m486 option.

I've also been compiling with -O2 -m486 for about a week, and my system has
never been more stable.  The kernel increased in size by about 50KB, which was
surprising, though I'm not sure it's only because of -O2 (but I haven't added
any options in the kernel config file since deciding to use -O2).  I have
not had a single kernel panic or misbehaving application since I started
using -O2 -m486 (I'm not implying that -O2 -m486 is the reason why, I'm
just saying that it certainly hasn't been the *cause* of any problems
so far).

I don't use -pipe, though, as I'm happy with the speed at which my system

> - unset LDSTATIC, NOPIC, and remade the libraries. some points here:
>     - lib/libm/common_source/pow.c doesn't compile with -O2. Maybe it's
>       a gcc thing, maybe not. Setting cflags to -O for this file fixes
>       things

Unless the libm Makefile specifically overrides the CFLAGS from,
I've been compiling libm with -O2 -m486 and don't get any compile-time

>     - librpcsrv needed the following csh to get it to compile:
> 	    cd librpcsrv/src ; foreach i (*.x)
> 	    make -f ../Makefile $i:r.h
> 	    end
>       I dunno why the dependancies didn't pick this up.

I don't need to do this.

> - /sys/arch/i386/boot doesn't like being compiled with -m486. -O2
>   -pipe is fine, but when I added -m486 they went BFC. (Bug
>   Crazy :) Again, some creative hacking got me back here.

Nope, again, I rebuilt and re-installed the new bootblocks that Theo (or was
it Charles?) fixed recently, compiled them with -O2 -m486, and disklabeled,
and my system is booting correctly with the 1.18 bootblocks off my IDE
drive (haven't tried the SCSI).  Note that this fixed the problems I was
having with 1.15 - 1.17 where I could not boot my system unless I used the
NetBSD-0.9 kernel floppy.

> - I've still got gnu, share, games, and sys to remake, as well as a
>   new kernel. I'll keep the list upto date on how this stuff compiles
>   with -O2 -pipe -m486.

Maybe -pipe is screwing you up, somehow (and as I understand it, this is
only a trick to speed up compiling anyways), because -O2 -m486 is working
great for me.