Subject: various upgrade comments (jan5 ->feb6)
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1994 18:19:26
Luke> A few comments on upgrading from the tar files just before january 5,
Luke> and sources supped on february 6:

Luke>     - lib/libm/common_source/pow.c doesn't compile with -O2. Maybe it's
Luke>       a gcc thing, maybe not. Setting cflags to -O for this file fixes
Luke>       things

This should go away with a new kernel.  The default FP control word
has recently been changed such that all execeptions are masked.

Luke>     - how do I get libm to use the ASM stuff in libm/i387? or isn't it
Luke>       recommended. (I have a 486)

You don't want to (Believe me, I wrote it).  I am working on a new
math library that some -current-user's are testing.  Its i486 support

Luke>     - librpcsrv needed the following csh to get it to compile:
Luke> 	    cd librpcsrv/src ; foreach i (*.x)
Luke> 	    make -f ../Makefile $i:r.h
Luke> 	    end
Luke>       I dunno why the dependancies didn't pick this up.

Rpcgen was recently fixed to avoid an anoying bug.  Reinstalling
rpcgen would have avoided this problem.  You shouldn't have any
problems in the future now that you have the new rpcgen installed.