Subject: SCSI sense codes
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1994 16:38:23
To try to determine what's wrong with a CD-ROM I have, I am going to
add some code to the scsi/cd.c driver to print out the contents of the
ASC/ASCQ fields of the sense status; would anyone else be interested
in the resulting code?  (I plan to write a general subroutine to
decode sense data, and I've got an ANSI spec in hand to do it right*).
In fact, I may also do a subroutine to print in detail the INQUIRY
data, since the driver is claiming that the drive's identification is
all cloverleafs (or is it clubs, one of the funny graphic characters)
and that the drive meets ANSI version 5 (!).  (The drive works better
on a Macintosh, correctly reporting that it is a NEC drive of the
appropriate flavor, though I don't know if it also claims to be a
SCSI-5 device on the Mac; the drive exhibited other suspicious
behavior on the Mac, which is why I'm playing with it on the

While I'm here, does anyone have any recommendations about good CD-ROM
drives for use with NetBSD?  Cheap is more important than featureful;
I don't plan on using my NetBSD system for multimedia extravaganzas.
(Actually, I may have a recommendation of my own tomorrow:  I just
purchased an Apple PowerCD drive from MacWarehouse for $199 to replace
the suspect drive.  It's single-speed only, can't be mounted
internally, and they may or may not have played games with SCSI
protocols (a review in MacWorld indicates they did some unspecified
hack to speed up QuickTime animations; maybe just buffering, maybe
not.  At any rate, once I verify that it works on the Mac, I plan to
try it out on my PC as well).  Does anyone know which mail-order PC
places I should avoid like the plague?  Thanks.