Subject: Re: gcc in NetBSD
To: Dirk Steinberg <>
From: Holger Veit <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1994 16:29:07
> gcc, as included in NetBSD, has undergone a massive reorganization in
> directory structure. Now the question: What else has changed?
> Anything? Special shared library support?
> I have been using FSF gcc-2.5.8 for some time now, and everything
> *seems* to work. In going to try the kernel next...

gcc-2.5.8 and in particular its companion g++-2.5.8 is heavily broken
(if one wants to do more complex c++ than 'main() { cout<<"Hello"<<endl;}')
Our applications at work at GMD were almost entirely broken when moving
to gcc/g++-2.5.X (they BTW compile and run well with any cfront/Glockenspiel/
ObjectCenter/Borland on different platforms).
It's not only me who considers it a large step back from 2.4.5, in other
newsgroups this is also a topic.
Maybe gcc could be integrated, but as long as gcc and g++ share code
it wouldn't make much sense to have the new probably working gcc and the
old half-working g++ in one distribution. Also changing a compiler is
often accompanied by changing 'collect', 'cpp', 'libg++', possibly also
by shared lib adaption you mentioned (c.f. mangling/demangling bugs).
Even worse: a gcc that "seems" to work with e.g. i386 might fail with
sparc, 68k, mips, whatever and cause quite subtle bugs there.
It may be possible to replace all the other packages by the greatest, 
latest version, but the compiler used to compile the whole system
is a thing not to change without need. Why replace the known bugs by
new, unknown ones?

> Since gcc-2.5.8 appears to be the end of the 2.5 line, would it not
"End of the 2.5 line": I already heard this about 2.5.6.

> make sence to upgrade NetBSD's gcc now? Is the reorganization of the
> files automatic in some way so that one still can use the powerful cvs
> import command?
I doubt so, but others might correct me.

> Just my 2 cent's worth...
> 	Dirk
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