Subject: Re: Gateway?
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1994 23:05:38
> However, getting
> from a machine on network A to network B does not work. Despite the
> fact that
> - the kernel is compiled with options GATEWAY
> - routed -s is running
> - I also tried adding static routes
> This is all done from a floppy, have not installed the harddisk yet.
> So it's kinda hard to try out things this way, if you do not even
> have 'ps' on the floppy.
> Does someone have NetBSD(-current) running as a gateway? Any information
> would be greatly appreciated.

Yes.  I was doing this (with current) just last night.  The only time I
saw your symptoms was when I wasn't thinking straight and did the

	- Made kernel to match machine configuration, and booted.
	- Found routing wasn't working, and remembered GATEWAY.
	- Added 'options GATEWAY', recompiled, rebooted - no change.

The step I forgot was a 'make clean', as the config/make process doesn't
get the options dependencies "right" (it can't with the information it's

Once I fixed that everything worked fine (and I kicked myself for stupidity
and decided it was time for a drink :)

- David B.