Subject: Re: noauto mount option
To: None <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/07/1994 11:58:13
>>>>> "mycroft" == mycroft  <> writes:

    mycroft> I implemented the `noauto' option a while ago...

    mycroft> ---------------------------- revision 1.5 date:
    mycroft> 1993/08/03 01:25:52; author: mycroft; state: Exp; lines:
    mycroft> +18 -1 Recognize `noauto' (and `auto', just for symmetry)
    mycroft> in fstab.  ----------------------------

First of all, there is no mention in the man-page. I *think* that I
tried some time ago, and that it mounted the noauto fs's nevertheless.
I am somewhat afriad to say mount -a to my running system except on
bootup, because mount *really* mounts *all*  again. It does not check
to see if some of the filesystems are already mounted. I use mfs /tmp,
and each mount -a starts *another* copy of mount_mfs! If I umount /tmp
thereafter, the first mount_mfs sticks around, and I'm not sure of the

I use the NFS/ftp gateway Alex, which caches all ftp's and presents
you with a global filesystem consisting of all FTP servers worldwide.
Alex is implemented as an NFS server. If you want to use Alex on a
machine that is already an ordinary NFS server, you have to use
different port numbers for several things:

Alex config.nfs.h:

   /* By default Alex is world mountable, so the following 
    * should not matter.  When alexd is started with a -p
    * it is "permiscuous".
   #define ALEXEXPORTSFILE "/usr/alexsrvr/etc/unfsd_exports"

   #define ALEXNFSPROG   101003         /*  NFS is 100003 */
   #define ALEXMOUNTPROG 101005         /*  NFS is 100005 */
   #define ALEXNFSPORT   3049           /*  NFS is 2049   */

Maybe the option to use diffent port numbers is aleady implemented in
mount? If so, how to use them? If not, how could I implement this?



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