Subject: [comp.os.386bsd.announce] USL vs. BSDI Lawsuit Settled
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Date: 02/06/1994 17:59:12

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Subject: USL vs. BSDI Lawsuit Settled
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Date: 6 Feb 1994 17:51:58 -0800
Organization: Berkeley Software Design
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Summary: USL/BSDI Lawsuit Resolved
Keywords: BSDI, Lawsuit, USL

We are delighted to announce that the USL vs. BSDI lawsuit was settled on
Friday, February 4, 1994.  The text of the joint press release reads:

    UNIX System Laboratories, Inc./Novell Corporation ("Novell") and
    Berkeley Software Design, Inc. ("BSDI") announce the settlement of
    litigation based upon BSDI's distribution of its computer software
    product known as BSD/386.

    BSDI has agreed to substitute a port of the University of
    California's forthcoming new release to be known as 4.4 BSD(Lite)
    for BSD/386.  For a limited period of time, BSDI may continue to
    distribute its BSD/386 product, although certain portions of the
    code may be distributed in binary form.

    All other terms of the settlement are confidential.

All legal disagreements, suits, and countersuits have been resolved.

The announcement of UCB's settlement with USL enables us to begin the
integration of 4.4(Lite) immediately.  Additionally, engineers will be
completing the SCO binary emulation mode and completing the port of BSDI's
operating system to the SPARC architecture.

BSDI's 1.1 release will ship in about a week:  February 14, 1994.

We are delighted to have resolved our disagreements with USL and look
forward to a successful 1.1 product shipment and a bright future devoting
our full attention to our product and our customers.

					Rob Kolstad
					President, BSDI

         /\      Rob Kolstad           Berkeley Software Design, Inc. 
      /\/  \      7759 Delmonico Drive
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