Subject: Buslogic 445S now works with current
To: None <dsndata!tssi!!current-users>
From: Randy Terbush <dsndata!randy>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/1994 10:51:00
After losing lots of hair over getting my new 445S controller working,
I have finally won.  The solution was to update the controller ROMs to
versions 3.63, and 4.72. (There are two seperate revs for each ROM).

I hate when that happens....

I found that I could run the card with aha or bt drivers.  I did catch
the thing to a bit of thrashing this morning after deleting ~200mb of
files.  If anyone is working on these drivers, I would be willing to
test newer versions.

Randy Terbush
UUCP: dsndata!randy