Subject: Re: 'nother sup site?
To: None <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/04/1994 08:10:50
> Does anyone know of a sup site that is less loaded / up more in the
> last few days than poor old sun-lamp? Earlier this week I found enough
> disk space locally to keep an up-to-date tree and everytime I try to
> sup (at any time of the day) sun-lamp is down, or loses connections
> 1/2way thru. Or do I just start the sup for early morning sun-lamp
> time and hope someone reboots it at 9am? ;)

:-) Time...

As the men from thephone company should be here in *minutes* to fit the
leased line, and I should be on the 'net by Sunday (yippppppppieeee !),
I offer access to the machines here to the NetBSD team and almost anyone
else for *BSD work etc... this includes setting up a backup mail/sup
server *if* it is possible and practical. Unfortunately the UK <-> US
link is a bit congested atthe moment.

I have tried to think how this could work - and it may not be too difficult,
but I am only providing the access...

BTW The UK <-> US link is only 64k now, but hopefully should be going up
lots over the summer :-)

Have fun all,
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