Subject: Re: Snapshot report - 29 Jan tar_files
To: Alistair G. Crooks <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/1994 07:02:45
> 7. SCSI boards - what exactly is supported? Michael Van Loon's been
> having trouble with a BusLogic 747 (someone suggested the drive may
> be at fault, not the controller, but not confirmed as yet, and not
> much comfort to Michael either, I should think).

I am also having problems with a BusLogic 445S that could also be
attributed to the drive.  I have replacement ROM's coming for
both the SCSI card and my VESA motherboard as both had some
reported problems.  I am failing at "mode sense 4" which seems to
happen when that probe returns something other than 0.  I have
even been able to boot from a kernel that works in Sergio
Prallon's machine with his 445S.  Thanks again Sergio!

> General verdict: (Perhaps) there's pain this week during the upgrade
> (unless you like seeing lots of RRS gripes flash by on your screen),
> but I'd say it's worth it, with a multi-cast panic fix, the new gdb,
> and the keyboard problems gone.

No mention of the changes to 'getbsize' in 'ls' and 'df'?  Was I
the only one that had a problem?  I have not yet had time to
figure out if stdlib.h is correct, or the changes in 'df' and

> 4. We still need some more up-to-date XFree86 2.0 binaries and libraries
>    for -current. Can someone look into this as a matter of urgency please?

I would be happy to do this, but I am at the end of a VERY poor
9600 baud connection and would only consider sending someone a
tape to do the right thing with.

> 5. Did anyone get the Mach microkernel mk83 to compile under NetBSD?
>    I tried, but was getting errors because the de Boor make in -current
>    gets directories muddled during the "config" stage. I reported this
>    to the address given in the package, but haven't heard anything back
>    from it.

Keep us posted on your progress.  I would also like to do this.

Randy Terbush