Subject: Re: bootblocks, VCs, gcc
To: S|ren Schmidt <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/1994 05:57:26
: > I know there exist syscons and pcvt and codrv for *BSD, but my
: > question is why none of them is *standard* with NetBSD.
: I can't answer that for you, but being the developer of syscons
: I hereby offer the "beast" to the NetBSD group, including the
: work of getting it integrated (It allready is unofficially :-)
: PS: I would like to have "cut & paste" in syscons as well,
: anybody having good ideas of how the should work (on the user
: level) ??

Hey; now THAT sounds K00L! :-)

Also; I'd like a "TCREADNEWS" ioctl if that's possible... Basically; it
would setup an nntp connection to my favourite news host and offer a
fully window-driven newsreader.  This would actually be fairly easy to
do.. Just take something like gnus (of course we'd have to put Emacs into
the kernel too but what the heck; we support 16MB kernels) and integrate

Hey; and how 'bout putting the syscons manpage in there too so you
just have a "TCGETMANPAGE" ioctl that returns the man-page.. This
would be a great disk-space saver...

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