Subject: 'nother sup site?
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/1994 23:46:50
Does anyone know of a sup site that is less loaded / up more in the
last few days than poor old sun-lamp? Earlier this week I found enough
disk space locally to keep an up-to-date tree and everytime I try to
sup (at any time of the day) sun-lamp is down, or loses connections
1/2way thru. Or do I just start the sup for early morning sun-lamp
time and hope someone reboots it at 9am? ;)

Once I'm up-to-date I will hopefully be able to provide a tarfile
`difference' service (a tarfile with new files, and a script with rm's
for old files that don't need to be there) if I could be bothered
writing the scripts for people here in australia. [Probably only
useful to 3 people I can think of - Myself (to get the changes from
the work machine which mirrors - jacana - and my home machine -
icosahedron), Snark & Athos ;]


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  must understand that. It's action while hiding that's    <>
  the hard part''
        -- Coyote, in Kim Stanley Robinson's `Green Mars'