Subject: Re: bootblocks, VCs, gcc
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: S|ren Schmidt <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/03/1994 08:59:57
> > I know there exist syscons and pcvt and codrv for *BSD, but my
> > question is why none of them is *standard* with NetBSD.
> Two reasons;
> 	(1) noone in our group has spent time on really integrating
> 	    they cleanly. we've been busy chasing other things.

Syscons fits into NetBSD cleanly since 0.9, and is tracking
current "by the day".

> 	(2) they are large and klunky. some of us think that they
> 	    should be smaller, sleeker, simpler.

Hmm, IF one want's the standard iso fonts included yes, if not
syscons isn't that much larger than pccons. Simpler ? I'm afraid
that won't do on the braindead PC video hardware...

> I really can't think of any other particularily good reason it has
> been held up. Reason (2) is really just something that has held
> (particularily) me from merging something in. My choice still lies
> with pcvt, because i'm a big fan of the vt100 emulation..

I'm a big fan of the "SCO ansi color console" (that's what
syscons really is) and I like having support for the pc3 set as
well (just to be compatible). But this is all religion.

                                           Soeren Schmidt