Subject: Re: bootblocks, VCs, gcc
To: None <>
From: Theo Deraadt <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1994 03:36:50
> I know there exist syscons and pcvt and codrv for *BSD, but my
> question is why none of them is *standard* with NetBSD.

Two reasons;

	(1) noone in our group has spent time on really integrating
	    they cleanly. we've been busy chasing other things.
	(2) they are large and klunky. some of us think that they
	    should be smaller, sleeker, simpler.

I really can't think of any other particularily good reason it has
been held up. Reason (2) is really just something that has held
(particularily) me from merging something in. My choice still lies
with pcvt, because i'm a big fan of the vt100 emulation..