Subject: Re: bootblocks, VCs, gcc
To: None <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1994 10:40:27
>>>>> "davidb" == davidb  <> writes:

    >> BTW: Is there any good reason why NetBSD does *not* adopt VC's
    >> (virtual consoles)? They are indispensable when working without
    >> X, i.e. on a laptop. Linux even offers mouse-based
    >> cut-and-paste between VC's ala xterm. Nice. Does syscons or
    >> pcvt work with NetBSD-current and XFree-2.0?

    davidb> I'm not in a position to comment on things like syscons,
    davidb> but what's the problem with pccons on a laptop?  Have you
    davidb> ever looked at `window`?  It works great for me.

    davidb> My login on my laptop is set to invoke it if I log in via
    davidb> the console.  Window even supports cut-and-paste, although
    davidb> not with a mouse.

    davidb> - David B.

I don't want to start the debate of kernel vs. user space VC's again,
but there are some definite advantages for a kernel space
implementation. I'm also aware of screen-3.5.2, but that's not what
I'm looking for.

I know there exist syscons and pcvt and codrv for *BSD, but my
question is why none of them is *standard* with NetBSD.