Subject: SCSI problems, the sequel, part 2
To: None <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/1994 12:06:18
I managed to capture the message exactly as it appears when my kernel
panics hanging on my BusLogic 747:

	bt0: 0 device timed out
	bt0 not taking commands
	panic: should call debugger here (adaptec.c)   # (actually, bt742a.c)
	syncing disks... vm_fault(f818a294, 0, 1, 0) -> 5
	fatal page fault in supervisor mode
	trap type 6 code f8a50000 eip f811dfcd cs f8450008 eflags
		10246 cr2 18 cpl ffffffff  # (long line)
	panic: trap
	dumping to dev 1, offset 1952 .........

Could it be that it's somehow waiting on a bogus event or something?
Or that it's waiting for something when the BL747 thinks it's not
busy?  Maybe the BL747 returns a slightly different status code in
this case than the BT742a did, and the driver thinks it just timed out
because it didn't return what the driver was expecting?  Have the
status codes changed at all between the BT742 the driver was written
for and brand-new BL747's?

I'd really like to know what could be hanging it up, because, except
for this bug, the controller (and drive) work really great.  If I
mount the IDE drives first, then mount the SCSI drives by hand after
the system comes up, the machine will stay up for hours at a time
compiling on and swapping to SCSI partitions (though it will crash
eventually).  So, I know the card isn't actually timing out, the
driver must be getting status information it's not expecting or

Can anyone shed any light on this?  I'd like to make this controller
card work because 1) it looks like it's 99% functional already, and 2)
I spend a lot of money on it and it's too late to send it back now.


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