Subject: RE: Recent hangs (fixed)
To: current-users <>
From: Burgess, David (TSgt) ~U <BurgessD@J64.STRATCOM.AF.MIL>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/1994 09:35:00
>Thanks to Jonathan O'Brien, who suggested to look in /etc/daily, I
>figured it out. I was hanging in the "calendar -a" line. Somehow when
>amd tries to mount ~400 user's home directories it hangs in "netio". I
>am still trying find what causes this; it always fails on a particular
>disk partition.

I have had similar hangs in my system, but with other programs.

My problems were caused by a bad spot on my IDE hard drive (which
I formatted with no error-forwarding.  The system would try to read one
of a few bad spots on the disk, and report and error (sometimes) and
then hang.  It also only happened during certain programs and usually
during the processing of my /etc/daily job.

I may end up having nothing to do with your problem, but it might give
you another aspect to look for.

Dave Burgess