Subject: 0.9 -> Current & Berkeley Packet Filter
To: None <>
From: Gary D. Duzan <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/1994 22:29:27
   Ok, I've tried upgrading by compiling the tar_files, but I'm not
getting anywhere. I've managed to cause strange things to happen to
my 0.9 include files, compiler, assemblers, etc., to the point where
I can't compile and I'll have to reload 0.9 binaries. Where is the
magic incantation? I'd love to use SUP, but I'm not directly
Internetted. Hopefully, it is only a matter of time.
   Also, I am planning on implementing another protocol stack on
NetBSD, most likely in user space. Initially, I will work on
getting it to work over dialin, which I figure I can do through
ttys and Unix domain sockets, but eventually I will want to
expand to Ethernet and IP encapsulation. What is the state of the
BPF code? Would I be better off trying to get the kernel to
recognize and deal with my packets specifically? I'd rather keep
as much of it in user space as possible for portability.

                                      Gary D. Duzan
                         Humble Practitioner of the Computer Arts