Subject: Some leftovers from elvis -> nvi update, and termcap
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/1994 01:42:22
I just brought my system up to date with the 1/24/94 tar files.  I
noticed a few leftover problems, most of which are probably fixed by

1) Get rid of /usr/src/usr.bin/ref.  I'm sure this one's already

2) /etc/rc still has the old elvispreserve stuff in it.  I got rid of
it, and replaced it with the code from the nvi manpage.  I put it in
the same place in /etc/rc, but you may want to move it after the point
where sendmail starts.  Diffs available if you want them.

3) /usr/mtree/BSD.var.dist and /usr/src/etc/Makefile also have to be
updated to use /var/tmp/vi.preserve instead of /var/preserve.

4) Good news:  The reorder ex script in /usr/src/share/termcap now
works!  I found that some changes were necessary, though.  Diffs:

*** reorder~	Fri Dec 17 01:44:28 1993
--- reorder	Sat Jan 29 02:02:01 1994
*** 56,62 ****
  /^h19-e|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
  /^h19-g|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
  /^dmd|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
! /^s/;.,/^#/-m'a
  w! termcap
--- 56,63 ----
  /^h19-e|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
  /^h19-g|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
  /^dmd|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
! /^pc3|/;.,/^[^	]/-m'a
! /^network/;.,/^#/-m'a
  w! termcap

Note that the characters inside the square brackets are supposed to be
*TABS*, and not spaces.  So don't just run this message through

The new line moves the console (pc3) termcap entry to the top of the
file, which may speed things up a bit.  The changed line is necessary
because all of the old V6 two-letter codes have been removed from
termcap.src; it moves all of the base terminals (network, dialup,
unknown, &c.) up to the top.
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