Subject: ethernt problems
To: None <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/1994 21:02:05
I seem to be having problems making my ethernet card go.  My roomate (who
has a simular setup) is having simular problems.

This kernel is built from the latest sources I believe (I updated this evening,
I had a slight glitch at first but I think I got them all) and an older kernel
built on 22 Jan runs fine, other than I've added more hardware since then.

However, if I remove the added hardware, still no go, so I don't believe that
is causing the problem.  ;)

What seems to be happening is that packets are going through all the proper
paths to make it out of the kernel, but they just never make it onto the wire.
If I run netstat -i, it lists packets as being sent and received.  However,
pings fail, telnet's never make it, etc.

Here's the output of dmesg, and my config follows that.

NetBSD 0.9a (PACKRAT) #0: Fri Jan 28 20:46:31 CST 1994
CPU: i486DX (486-class CPU)
real mem  = 16384000
avail mem = 14270464
using 225 buffers containing 921600 bytes of memory
pc0 at 0x60-0x6f irq 1 on isa
pc0: color
com0 at 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 on isa
com1 at 0x2f8-0x2ff irq 3 on isa
com2 at 0x3e8-0x3ef irq 9 on isa
com2: fifo
com3 at 0x2e8-0x2ef irq 5 on isa
lpa0 at 0x378-0x37f on isa
lpa1 at 0x278-0x27f on isa
fdc0 at 0x3f0-0x3f7 irq 6 drq 2 on isa
fd0 at fdc0 targ 0: 1.44MB 80 cyl, 2 head, 18 sec
fd1 at fdc0 targ 1: 1.2MB 80 cyl, 2 head, 15 sec
aha0 at 0x330-0x337 irq 11 drq 5 on isa
aha0: bus speed 200ns
aha0 targ 0 lun 0: type 0(direct) fixed <SEAGATE ST1480          5736> SCSI2
sd0 at aha0 targ 0 lun 0: 408MB 1476 cyl, 9 head, 63 sec, 512 byte/sec
ed0 at 0x280-0x29f irq 7 maddr 0xd0000-0xd1fff on isa
ed0: address 00:00:c0:a8:e4:41, type WD8003EP (8 bit) 
npx0 at 0xf0-0xff on isa
npx0: using exception 16
biomask 840 ttymask 23a netmask 80

My config:

# architecture type and name of kernel; REQUIRED
machine		"i386"
cpu		"I486_CPU"
ident		PACKRAT

# time zone RTC is expected to be set in; REQUIRED
timezone	6 dst

# estimated number of users
maxusers	32

# maximum number of file descriptors per process
maxfdescs	1024

# paging of processes, and caching vnodes and devices; REQUIRED

# system call tracing, a la ktrace(1)
options         KTRACE

options         FIFO

# System V-like message queues
options         SYSVMSG

# System V-like semaphores
options         SYSVSEM

# System V-like memory sharing
options         SYSVSHM
#options        SHMMAXPGS=1024          # 1024 pages is the default

# quotas in UFS
options         QUOTA

# memory file system (shares memory and swap space)
options         MFS

# Sun's Network File System
options         NFSSERVER
options         NFSCLIENT

# ISO 9660 file system, with Rock Ridge
#options         ISOFS

# various types of networks and protocols
#options                IMP      
options         INET
#options         NS
#options         ISO
#options         TPIP
#options         EON
#options         CCITT

# packet forwarding
options         GATEWAY

# turn on multicasting.  Curious  ;)
#options		MULTICAST

# kernel debugger
options         DDB

# Allows user to create an i386 LDT (Used by Wine to run Windows programs)
options         "USER_LDT"

options         "COMPAT_NOMID"
options         "COMPAT_43"
options         "TCP_COMPAT_42"


# MS-DOS file system
options		MSDOSFS

# /dev/fd
options         FDESC

# kernel file system; RECOMMENDED
options		KERNFS

# generic SCSI system
options		SCSI

# temporary kluge while adding support for non-contiguous physical memory

# floating point emulation
#options         MATH_EMULATE

# make the kernel a little faster; will break on some machines
#options                DUMMY_NOPS

config		netbsd	root on sd0 swap on sd0 and wd0

controller	isa0

#non-scsi disk controllers
controller	wdc0	at isa? port "IO_WD1" bio irq 14 vector wdintr
disk		wd0	at wdc0 drive 0
#disk		wd1	at wdc0 drive 1

#non-scsi floppy controllers
controller	fdc0	at isa? port "IO_FD1" bio irq 6 drq 2 vector fdintr
disk		fd0	at fdc0 drive 0
disk		fd1	at fdc0 drive 1

controller	aha0	at isa? port "IO_AHA0" bio irq 11 drq 5 vector ahaintr
disk		sd0	at aha0 flags 0 drive ?
disk		sd1	at aha0 flags 0 drive ?
disk		sd2	at aha0 flags 0 drive ?
disk		sd3	at aha0 flags 0 drive ?
tape		st0	at aha0 flags 1 drive ?
tape		st1	at aha0 flags 1 drive ?
disk		cd0	at aha0	flags 2 drive ?
disk		cd1	at aha0	flags 2 drive ?

device		pc0	at isa? port "IO_KBD" tty irq 1 vector pcrint

#math co-processor
device		npx0	at isa? port "IO_NPX" irq 13 vector npxintr

#serial ports
device		com0	at isa? port "IO_COM1" tty irq 4 vector comintr
device		com1	at isa? port "IO_COM2" tty irq 3 vector comintr
device		com2	at isa? port "IO_COM3" tty irq 9 vector comintr
device		com3	at isa? port "IO_COM4" tty irq 5 vector comintr

#bus mice
# Microft InPort
#device          mms0    at isa? port "IO_BMS1" tty irq 5 vector mmsintr
# Logitech
#device          lms0    at isa? port "IO_BMS1" tty irq 5 vector lmsintr
# PS/2 auxiliary port; BROKEN
#device         pms0    at isa? port "IO_KBD" tty irq 5 vector pmsintr

#parallel ports
#device		lpt0	at isa? port "IO_LPT3" tty irq 7 vector lptintr
device		lpa0	at isa? port "IO_LPT1" tty
device		lpa1	at isa? port "IO_LPT2" tty

device ed0 at isa? port 0x280 net irq 7 iomem 0xd0000 vector edintr
#device ed1 at isa? port 0x250 net irq 9 iomem 0xd8000 vector edintr

#non-scsi tape drives
#device		wt0	at isa? port 0x300 bio irq 5 drq 1 vector wtintr

# ethernet; REQUIRED if using any ethernet device
pseudo-device	ether

# used by kernel for logging messages; gateway to syslogd
pseudo-device	log

# loopback; RECOMMENDED
pseudo-device	loop

# psuedo-terminals; REQUIRED for remote logins and many other things
pseudo-device	pty	64

# compressed SLIP
#pseudo-device	sl	1

# vn virtual filesystem device
pseudo-device vn 4

# speaker queue
pseudo-device	speaker

# packet filter
pseudo-device bpfilter  4

# point-to-point protocol
#pseudo-device ppp

# tablet line discipline
#pseudo-device tb
#pseudo-device tun      missing header files

# /dev/audio
#pseudo-device audio