Subject: Re: memory usage and lockups
To: None <>
From: Tom Crockett <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/25/1994 13:34:19
Marc Wandschneider <> wrote:
>	figured the first thing i'd try is
>	% limit datasize 32m
>	% xv [v3.0a] a whole pile of big .JPG images [1024x768, etc...]
>	whammmo.  took 10 pictures to lock it up.
>	sigh.  i'll see if new bootblocks help tonight.
>							marc 'em.
Just to add my experience with xv and Netbsd-current... It has *always* 
seemed that xv never releases memory once it has grabbed some.  This
effect is the reason I'd asked a week or so ago if you'd ported xv to 
current.  8MB ram and 16MB swap.  fvwm and rxvt definitely give more room
but eventually (quickly) all locks up and its reboot time...