Subject: bootblock problems gone
To: None <>
From: Dirk Steinberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/25/1994 18:29:10
>>>>> "Frank" == Frank van der Linden <> writes:

    Frank>  Seeing another report on the current-users list about the
    Frank> bootblocks recently, I tried once again to come up with a
    Frank> solution. Well, the diff below works for me and I've made
    Frank> and installed the latest (1.14) bootblocks with it and they
    Frank> work. Can't explain why.  I came up with this "fix" when I
    Frank> could make and use the 1.8 bootblocks with the original 0.9
    Frank> /usr/include tree installed and couldn't do the same with
    Frank> the the current /usr/include tree. The .o files were the
    Frank> same in both cases apart from sys.o. The assembler output
    Frank> for sys.c differed only in those places where BUFSIZE and
    Frank> MAXBSIZE are used.

    *** sys.c.old	Sat Jan 22 17:27:52 1994
    --- sys.c	Sat Jan 22 17:23:49 1994
    *** 32,35 ****
    --- 32,37 ----
      #include <sys/dirent.h>
      #include <sys/reboot.h>
    + #undef MAXBSIZE
    + #define MAXBSIZE 8192
      /* #define BUFSIZE 4096 */
      #define BUFSIZE MAXBSIZE

Yes!! This did the trick for me. No problems anymore.

BTW: The Makefile (from current-940123) has quite a dangerous default
target, IMHO:

	   dd if=boot of=biosboot count=1
	   dd if=boot of=bootbios skip=1
	   disklabel -r -w wd0 nec5655 newboot biosboot bootbios
	   rm biosboot bootbios

Of course, I commented this out immediately, and was glad that I
didn't blindly type make......


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