Subject: damn damn emacs....
To: None <>
From: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1994 19:55:15
Why on earth does emacs insist on dumping its own executable format to disk
instead of just letting the compiler do it like every other application known
to man?  Jesus, you'd think you were building a kernel or something....

Anyways, I previously had emacs-19.22 built statically on Netbsd-current.
I'm now trying to build it as a dynamically linked executable on -current.
I have patched up all the *sys_errlist[] problems in the source and
added Roland McGrath's Dec 6 ./s/netbsd.h file to my source tree.  I've also
extracted copies of brk.o and cerror.o from libc in order to link them into
the executable as suggested by Roland.  However, his Dec 6 changes no longer
seem sufficient to build emacs-19.22 on -current.  Even though everything
compiles OK, when it comes time to link and dump, ld complains about
RSS text relocation errors in every single object file.  The end result is
no executable.

Has anyone successfully bulit emacs-19.22 dynamically on -current, or at
least something recent?  Any diffs/patches/tips would be appreciated.