Subject: RE: errlist
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1994 13:42:37
> moo!
> 	okay, so a while back, this problem cropped up by whcih a lot
> 	of programs that had
                         ... bad
> 	extern char *sys_errlist or something like that in them would
> 	start barfing.
> 	what is the 'official' way to solve this?  up until now, i've
> 	been doing it by just commenting these declarations out
> 	as the compiler chokes on them....

Hang these 'programmers'. :-)

sys_errlist is one of the realy rare identifiers with a prefix which
does tell you what it's good for and from where it does come from.
But, of course there have to be always some guys who have to produce
more chaos. I think I found such a 'sys_errlist' declaration i an
emacs source. Well, I've removed emacs from my disk.

> 	is there a more pleasant way to patch this source file stuff?

What's about the following script (call it 'junked', say "junk" "ed"):

for my_file in $*
  mv $my_file $my_tmp_file
  sed 's/\(extern.*\)\(sys_errlist\)/\1bullshit_\2/g' $my_tmp_file > $my_file
  rm -f $my_tmp_file

> 							marc 'em.


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