Subject: problems problems problems.
To: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1994 00:28:31

	the following problems have appeared ever since i have been
	using -current [including kernel] from jan 11th:

	a. fasthalt just locks the machine up and doesn't reboot.  after
	rebooting, bad inode causes panic, subsequant reboot fixes root
	partition, and everything goes fine.

	b. keyboard locks up on reboot.  unless i sit there sometime
	before or during fsck hitting keys regularily, the keyboard
	locks up, even though the rest of the machine is still running.

	c. i've had two completely random lock ups while doing nothing
	abnormal [no ide drives any more ;-)]  

	the first two have never been observed before.  both things
	used to work perfectly fine.

						marc 'em.

Marc Wandschneider					    Seattle, WA
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