Subject: Re: problems problems problems.
From: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/1994 22:09:22
> 	the following problems have appeared ever since i have been
> 	using -current [including kernel] from jan 11th:
> 	a. fasthalt just locks the machine up and doesn't reboot.  after
> 	rebooting, bad inode causes panic, subsequant reboot fixes root
> 	partition, and everything goes fine.

Haven't tried this.  I usually only "reboot".

> 	b. keyboard locks up on reboot.  unless i sit there sometime
> 	before or during fsck hitting keys regularily, the keyboard
> 	locks up, even though the rest of the machine is still running.

This has been happening to me ever since my first sup after my winter
break (Jan 4, I think).  I have to hit the enter key at least once after
"Automatic reboot in progress...." appears.  To date, no kernels or source 
rebuilds have fixed this problem.  Irritating, but I can live with it.

> 	c. i've had two completely random lock ups while doing nothing
> 	abnormal [no ide drives any more ;-)]  

I haven't had any problems with my system, which is current, other than the
keyboard lockup during boot-time.  In fact, my system is much more stable
in the last week or so than ever before.  I'm running off an IDE drive
and a SCSI drive, for the record.