Subject: Keyboard hang/lock-up
To: current-users <>
From: Burgess, David (TSgt) ~U <BurgessD@J64.STRATCOM.AF.MIL>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/1994 10:16:00
I was working on the FAQ last night and my keyboard froze.  It locked up 
during a background program close.  Nothing that I did from then on would 
release the keyboard.  That was about 2100 local.

At 0630 local, the keyboard was still locked.  At that time, the INND daily 
job ran.  Once the daily job was through, the keyboard was back.  That leads 
me to believe that something in the system has changed since the last time I 
linked (static) innd some time ago (the last three weeks) and rebuilt the 
system (from Monday AM sources).

It is the same kind of keyboard lock-up I was noticing with my existing 
version of XFree86.  The keyboard click goes away, and the lights no longer 
respond to the appropriate keys.

My hypothesis:

One of the IOCTLs that has changed in the recent past in the -current source 
tree is causing programs that were working reliably and have not been 
recently recompiled/relinked to fail.

If I had to guess (which I do) I would guess that the console is getting 
some kind of signal which is disabling the keyboard (attaching it to the 
background 'innd' maybe?).  Innd tries to use the console for output if 
'Root' is logged in there.  Any thoughts?

After I get home tonight, I will try it again.  I built a new kernel this AM 
before I left.  Another possibility is that the FAST-NOP (or whatever it is) 
caused the keyboard  to freak and die.  If the problem does not go away with 
that, I will try recompiling innd.

TSgt Dave Burgess
NCOIC, Configuration Management Branch
and erstwhile *BSD FAQ Maintainer.