Subject: Re: i've been bad.
From: Piet Tutelaers <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/18/1994 10:41:06
[ Marc WANDSCHNEIDER (Jan 17, 20:03):
> mooo!
> 	okay, i'm going to get killed for this, but could some
> 	kind soul please send me the patches to make the latest
> 	version of emacs work with -current.
> 	i had previously decided that i was not going to bother with
> 	emacs and thus ignored all the posts about it, but i discovered
> 	this mornign that emacs has syntax coloring for c under x, 
> 	so i'd like to try it out now :-)
> 	sorry, and thanks :-)

I have succesfully installed emacs 19.22 under NetBSD 0.9. The problems had
to do with the fact that the master Makefile uses `MAKE = something' and
tries to propagate this through other make calls. I have removed all these
things and then building emacs was not really difficult.

Where are NetBSD 0.9-ers supposed to put there questions? I have some
problems in setting up correct whatis.db files for the online manual