Subject: 1/15 kernel still doesn't like my keyboard
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1994 14:26:35
I got the 1/15 sys.tar.gz last night and rebuilt my kernel.  The
keyboard-lockup-if-no-key-pressed-during-autoconfig problem still
persists.  I experimented a bit, and noticed the following:

In order to keep the keyboard from locking up I toggle the NumLock key
during autoconfig.  I've noticed that when I do so, the NumLock
keyboard LED toggles in response to the key, until the wd.c driver
enters its probe routine (just before it prints out "wdc0 at ...").
The LED doesn't respond to keypresses from that point until the end of
the autoconfig process, when the "biomask xxxx ttymask yyyy netmask
..." line is printed.

I think some bit of code is touching the keyboard interrupt when it
shouldn't.  Perhaps a missing spl?  The weird part is that the lockup
only seems to occur on Gateway 2000s and IBM PS/1 Valuepoints (that
I've heard of).  Perhaps we're tickling a chipset bug?  I'd like to
know if people with other hardware are also having keyboard lockup
problems, as well as if people with the given hardware do *not* have
keyboard lockup problems.

I think that my problems arise from the changes that were made on
12/20; a look at the CVS output from that day shows that many things
in /sys/arch/i386/isa were changed.  I'm curious as to what those
changes were, and I would appreciate pointers to good places to look
for the source of the problem.

A couple of other (very) minor things I noticed last night:

/usr/src/etc/Makefile has the 'motd' file in both the BIN1 list and
the BIN2 list.  It should probably be taken out of the BIN1 list.

The new /etc/rc starts up cron instead of crond.  I changed it back
because I didn't update libexec (or anything but the kernel and /etc).
But people should be aware that changes may have been made in the way
cron works.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Mike Long                               
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