Subject: snapshot reports?
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1994 21:11:16
Note, the following is _not_ a request of the core team, rather of
users who are keeping reasonably up to date.

Most of the time, one sees only problem reports on this list.
I believe it would be very useful if some users who update on a semi
regular basis could provide a report along the lines of:

	SUPed sources on date xyz (or tar_files from date xyz).
	Compiled ok, installed ok, runs like a dream!
	Noticed that feature ABC {now works,has been added,...}

Personally, updating my /usr/src is a very time consuming process
(involving trips in car with tapes :-), so I am unable to update
regularly.  Reports such as the above (particularly from folk using
tar_file sets) would help me and I'm sure others, pick a good time to
update.   The problem reports mainly have the effect of making one
delay updating if the machine is currently stable...

The problem of picking a snapshot is even more difficult for users of
the tar_files as most regular posters are SUPing and so reports rarely
reflect a tar_file snapshot.

I am still running the 20 Nov tar_file set (one of the first with
shared libs I think) and am happy to report that it has been very
reliable.  I've had a few power failures and added hardware, so
uptimes are not as impressive as they could be, but the system has a
good solid feel to it.

If I could integrate a later set of scsi drivers to make my Viper 150
behave 100%, I'd be very happy.

I want to update soon so I can start work on, fixing man, and try
again to build gdb-4.10 (all goes fine but ld exits without producing
an output file!)  Though I'm a little nervous about the sluggish
reports of late.  

Of course if my tape drive could reliably read my dump tapes I
wouldn't have a problem, I could simply restore to the current

Oh, and I'm sure cgd and the rest of the team wouldn't mind the
occasional success report too :-)

Just a though.