Subject: xfree86 support
To: None <>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/1994 14:16:37

	mark weaver has decided to pursue other interests, and will thus
	no longer be working on xfree86 support for netbsd and -current.

	therefore, somebody will have to take his place.  are there
	any volunteers for this task?  basically, you just have to
	be sure it works with the console driver of the week {tm},
	the shared libs stuff works fine [pk and brezak tend to be
	extremely helpful on this front anyhoo], and you'll probably
	have to mediate between the desires of the core team and
	the needs of the xfree86 group. [i know i'm forgetting things---simply
	put: it has to work with netbsd :-)]

	if nobody else wants this job, then i will take it over, but i
	thought i'd ask and see if anybody with slightly more experience/
	desire is interested and willing to devote the time to the job.

						marc 'em.