To: None <,>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/14/1994 08:48:25
| From: "Dennis D. Sherod"  <netmail!>
| IMHO, decisions like this should take into consideration of who the 
enemy is...
| Windows/NT.  With that in mind, I think perl would be a good place to 
start to


	i do -not- use netbsd because i am looking to foster some sort
	of alternative to windows nt [which is probably a good thing, seeing
	as where i work :-)].  i use netbsd because.

	- i like unix a bunch.
	- i don't want to have to pay 150,000$ a week for some other version.
	- i like having the source code lying around so that i can fiddle
	  and hack at things i've always to understand.

	this 'my os is better than yours' stuff grows quite tiresome.  if one
	wants to start babbling marketing tripe, then one would very quickly
	realize that these are -entirely- different markets---i don't see any
	corporations dumping windows nt with sql server for netbsd and the
	gnu wumpus database system [or whatever] at any point in the next
	five years.

| make things better, but I don't think it goes far enough.  I'd 
suggest to all
| the O/S development groups out there, including NetBSD, that X should 
be part
| of the base system along with tcl/tk for administration duties.  It would be
| nice to  see a second-stage bootstrap initialization that came up in some tk
| application to get the rest set up on a machine.

	the neat thing about the netbsd base os is that it is just that---the
	base operating system.  if you would like to put together a distribution
	of netbsd that includes all these other things that you would like
	to see, then feel free to do so.  i'm sure there would be a heck of a
	lot of people out there who would be interested in seeing such a beast.	

| The *free* O/S products should be there to foster *new* development and O/S
| environment ideas, and I suggest that this is a worthwhile activity.

	i agree completely here.  however, this does not mean that the
	base operating system should have to come with every known scripting
	language, windowing system, and utility under the sun to make
	system administration easier.

							marc 'em.