Subject: RE: purchasing decisions
To: current-users <>
From: Burgess, David (TSgt) ~U <BurgessD@J64.STRATCOM.AF.MIL>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1994 15:50:00
>I am going to get an EISA SCSI controller.  I'm told the Ultrastor 24F
>works fine with NetBSD-current.  The cheapest I can get a new one so
>far is $349.  There is a Buslogic 742A that I can get for about $255,
>also.  Is this Buslogic card as good as the Ultrastor 24F (full EISA
>busmastering) and former Adaptec 1742?  And, will the Buslogic work
>with NetBSD-current as it stands?  Any comments on which EISA SCSI
>card to buy?  (I haven't been able to find any unsold new 1742's
>laying around anywhere.)

I have heard reports that the BusLogic 742A is a known working disk drive 
controller.  It looks (to software) like a 1742, if I remember correctly.

Julian posted a note not too long ago that said that he had a working U24F 
driver, but he had no way to test it.  The Ultrastore 24F I was using is in 
a machine about 1200 miles and another assignment away from here.

There are numerous reports that the 1742 works (see the FAQ for more 
information on the 1742).  I don't see how you can go wrong whichever way 
you go.

I understand that the 2742 is a hard nut to crack, although if anyone can, 
Julian can.  (Shameless plug not omitted).

>I'm thinking about buying the Maxtor 7340s 340meg SCSI drive to go
>with it.  Sound like a good drive?

I used a 7340s with an Ultrastor 24F that I was running in IDE emulation 
mode (before Julian got the SCSI mode working) and I was nothing but pleased 
with it.  I was running 32Meg of memory and had uptimes of up to a month 

>Oh, even laster...  I assume the only thing that causes problems above
>16meg is the hard drive controller.  If I install an EISA hard drive
>controller, I won't have any problems going over 16meg of RAM,
>correct?  My (16-bit ISA) ethernet card isn't going to need to access
>memory directly, causing problems, is it?

It doesn't do direct DMA access, does it?  If not, then I would assume that 
you will be in good shape once you load up one of those EISA cards.  There 
is a reasonable explanation of this in the FAQ.  If you still have questions 
after you read through that, drop me a line.

>Thanks for any and all help!
>                                --Michael


TSgt Dave Burgess
FAQ Maintainer in my off time.