Subject: RE: lex doesn't compile ?!
To: current-users <>
From: Burgess, David (TSgt) ~U <BurgessD@J64.STRATCOM.AF.MIL>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1994 08:27:00
>lex isn't compiling from the latest tar-files :
>lex -is8 -p scan.l
>"scan.l", line 90: '^' operator results in sub-optimal performance
>"scan.l", line 513: bad start condition name
>"scan.l", line 513: bad start condition list
>Am I doing something wrong ?
>What lex do I need to lex the lex ?

See the Makefile in /usr/src/*/flex

It tells you about 'bootstrapping lex'.

BTW, even though this question has come up about every third day for the 
past two weeks, I don't envision this one going into the FAQ.  The reason is 
that this is a temporary (I hope) problem that will be fixed by release of a 
new set of binaries.

Is there a plan to do a checkpoint release?  While NetBSD 1.0 may not be 
ready, there should be a point at which the system will be ready to "turn a 
corner" on the way.  If the system is getting close to 'ready' then there is 
no reason, but if there is still a considerable amount of work to do getting 
ready, a checkpoint release might not be a bad idea.  0.93 or something.

Just a random thought.  No pressure.