Subject: Re: lex doesn't compile ?!
To: Bernd Wiserner <>
From: Jim Babb <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/12/1994 08:08:27
> lex isn't compiling from the latest tar-files :
> lex -is8 -p scan.l
> "scan.l", line 90: '^' operator results in sub-optimal performance
> "scan.l", line 513: bad start condition name
> "scan.l", line 513: bad start condition list
> Am I doing something wrong ?
> What lex do I need to lex the lex ?

I had this problem, too.  The Makefile has a comment that says
'copy initscan.c to scan.c and make'

That didn't work...

What I did was change the object 'scan.o' to 'initscan.o'
in the Makefile, ran make && make install, then changed it 
back to 'scan.o' and repeated the make && make install.

Worked for me...

(The Makefile needs to be fixed to bootstrap this properly, but I
haven't done that yet.)