Subject: gnu problems.
To: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/1994 00:45:02

	trying to build the latest -current tonight, and having a few
	problems with the gnu stuff.

	a.  gas wouldn't build because it couldn't find any header files.
	    turns out it was because of the following line in the


	    i don't use the obj/ builds, and thus this went to -I , and for
	    some reason, this causes gcc to be unable to find any include
	    files at all  [shoould that happen???]  making ADDINCLUDE blank
	    let the builds proceed

	b.  gcc2 is being a big pain in the butt.  for some reason, the build
	    in commong failed because it couldn't find libcc1.a.

	    if i change the line

	    LIB=    cc1

	    to read LIB=, then the build goes fine, except that build in
	    cc1 then barfs because it can't find libcc1.a either, from
	    the following

cc   -o cc1 c-parse.o c-lang.o c-lex.o c-pragma.o c-decl.o c-typeck.o c-convert.o c-aux-info.o c-iterate.o /libcc1.a -lgnumalloc
cc: /libcc1.a: No such file or directory

	    looking through Makefile.cc1 seems to imply that either libcc1.a
	    isn't required here any more, or there's another problem with
	    the OBJDIR stuff...

	can somebody tell me what itll take to get this to build?  i really
	like to be able to just build the stuff in the same directory 
	without having to bother with all the obj/ stuff....

						marc 'em.

Marc Wandschneider					    Seattle, WA
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