Subject: where can I get QIC 40/80 Beta tape driver?
To: None <>
From: Jim Babb <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/10/1994 14:43:57
	The FAQ lists:

>       Driver Name: QIC-40/80
>     Author's Name: Steve Gerakines
>    Author's Email: 
> Devices Supported: QIC-117 (standard) through FDC
>  Number Supported: 1
>  Interrupt driven: 
>  External Symbols: 
>	 Size info: 
>      Availability: Beta Testing.
>	     Sites:
>	 Stability: 
>      Restrictions: 
>     Delivery Date: 1 Sep 93 for latest version.

Where can I get a copy of this driver?  I can't find it on hrd769.

I have experience with floppy and hard disk controllers, and with 
UNIX device drivers, and was thinking about writing such a driver
for my CONNER C250M, when I saw this listing.  I would like to help
with the Beta testing.