Subject: Re: GUS driver for the BSD audio driver ?
To: None <>
From: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 01/10/1994 12:26:05
John Brezak writes:
> I notice that cgd checked in the LBL sound-blaster driver. Now for those of us
> with GUS, how about a board specific driver for this framework. We could just
> use the Linux/FreeBSD driver, but I hate to have yet-another-deviant framework...
> So, is anyone considering one of these ?

I thought that the Linux sound driver, which includes support for the GUS, 
PAS-16, and SB/SBPro, was being ported to the "magnum" kernel.  Have these
plans been changed?  Anyone?