Subject: Re: Help!?!?
To: Rob Shady <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/1994 17:25:29
> And anything else you think I may need in order to get current to compile.
I keep tarred binaries in ~ftp/binaries on,
but I haven't got round to keeping them up to date.
They are simply tarred directories of bin sbin usr/bin usr/sbin usr/lib
and usr/libexec respectively. They might even contain a few binaries
which aren't part of current. (bash comes to mind). I actually updated
them today, and I suppose I could put a copy of a compiled generic-aha
in the same directory. I might even get around to makeing it a cronjob
if my ftp-log shows it's being used.

BUT: No guarantess; the crypt-libs are with fcrypt; you have to make
     your own /etc directory and /var so all this might be used for
     is to have the set of binaries, to then update directly to

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