Subject: RE: SCSI Controllers
To: None <,>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/07/1994 16:21:00
| From: Jeff Kreska  <netmail!>
| Hello,
| 	Does anyone plan on writing code to use Adaptec's new line of SCSI
| controllers.  I am talking about the VESA LOCAL BUS ones (284{0,2}).  I got
| one to run my CD-ROM because the Ultrastore did not have floppy hook ups.  I
| am not using the floppys at this time but I plan to buy a SCSI disk pretty
| soon.

	this question comes up about once a week in comp.os.386bsd.questions.

	last i heard, adaptec was making it -extremely- difficult for
	people [ie, julian ;-)] to get enough programming information
	for their cards to write drivers.  thus, after a while, it
	appeared that no driver would show up.

	however, at one point, some linux dude put in that he -had- the
	manuals that adaptec was being pissy about, and was writing
	a driver for it.

	whether or not this means a driver will appear for the new
	adaptec cards is not known to me at all.

	either way, my next card will be the bus logic 445s i thinks.

							marc 'em.