Subject: PC-speaker driver working, now what ???
To: None <>
From: S|ren Schmidt <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/06/1994 15:49:29
So I now have the driver that uses the built in speaker as an
"real" audio device. It plays raw and .au format soundfiles with
reasonable sound quality.

Now there are some questions that needs be adressed before it can be
put easily into the kernel.

1. We need a method that allows one to "steal" an interrupt
   vector, and restore it again. 
   This is because I need to reprogram TIMER1 to give me ~20000
   interrupts pr sec. for the player, but ONLY when it plays as
   this imposes _some_ load on the system...

2. Should it be a device or a pseudo-device.

3. If it should co-exist with the old speaker driver there is
   some handshaking about the timers nessesary.

4. We need a name for this driver, speaker is allready taken :-(

5. What kind of device interface ? /dev/audio sun style or
   something more esoteric...
I would like some input on this, before I decide how it will be

                                           Soeren Schmidt