Subject: NFS breakage in current current?
To: None <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/05/1994 17:04:25
I just rebooted under current as of jan 5th. I also added an NFS
mount to /etc/fstab which previously I have invoked manually.

I now find compilations on the NFS mounted directory fail with:

cc -fpic -DPIC -O -DLIBC_SCCS -c kvm.c -o
as: /var/tmp/cc000373.s:2574: FATAL: Can't create kvm.soNo such file or directory.
*** Error code 1


however a subsequent make gets over the problem.

(1) does fstab mount use different defaults to manual mount for hard/soft
	and/or blocksize?

(2) could any kernel changes be upsetting an SMC ethernet card using if_ed
	with multicast patches?

(3) some other userspace problem eg a lockdaemon/biod/nfsd upset with the
	new kernel and needing a rebuild (only /netbsd is installed so far
	all other binaries are from a couple of weeks ago)