Subject: Shared library versions - what do I do?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/1994 08:27:57
I'm packaging a new version of a non-US libcrypt and have found some
questions relating to shared libraries.  I'm still nutting out the
shared-library implementation we use, so please excuse stupid questions...

Also, netbsd-current may not be the best place for this.  Please redirect me
if you can think of a better discussion area.

If my library has "identical" functionality to the U.S. non-exportable
version, is it reasonable to use the same library version numbers?
If not, what numbers should I use?

Currently I also have the Ultrix crypt16() function in the library.
Obviously this indicates a different version, but it would be cute if I could
indicate a "superset" in the version.

A slightly different question:
	I can provide a simple description of crypt16() that someone (in the
	U.S.) could use to copy and modify crypt() appropriately (it's simple)
	in the U.S. version.  Is this appropriate?


- David B.